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Our resident author is Ms Etha Gray. Ms Gray has been writing and publishing since 1976, with eight titles to her credit; seven stage plays, including one musical comedy. After a brief hiatus, she is back and we are about to release her ninth title: SWEET DADDY RED,  re-edited and  re-issued. This book is so incredible that we, the staff of EEP, are working day and night to get it out. We hope that as you purchase these titles, you will find the same pleasure in reading them, that we found in producing them.

We are currently  a three member staff. Each member has their own area of expertise. As hard workers, we are dedicated to making your visit a pleasant one.  Let us know how we are doing.

Owner, Author ETHA GRAY

SWEET DADDY RED is an intimate May-December romance. She was a naïve, young divorce’ on her own with four children, starting over.

He was a feared underworld gangster, who had worked his way up from Sheriff’s Deputy to a Criminal Detective Investigator. Despite his lifestyle, Thaddeus Maurice Baxter, has a soul deep love for Grace Stuberg. She becomes the first woman he has ever placed on a pedestal. He places a ‘fence’ around her. Though that fence was formed of prostitutes, small time hoods, and other of his Sheriff Department officers; they all knew that if harm came to her, somebody would have to answer to him. So they protected her with devotion unrivaled by any. 

SWEET DADDY RED introduces the reader to big time gangsters from all the major cities around the country. In his introduction, he tells them: "Gentlemen,' he spoke, smiling, "this is my Angel. In my eyes, she is perfect in every aspect." Then the tone of his voice changed, "I don't ‘llow nobody messing with her, and I would kill the devil, himself, if he tried. I cover her like a blanket on a cold winter's night."

That sent a chill through Grace, and she shivered in the presence of it. She didn't know if it was the tone of his voice or the look in his eyes, but she felt a chill surge through her. 

Then he smiled and formally introduced her to them. “This is Grace Stuberg. The first Black female Crime Reporter in this city. And, I might add, a damn good one. 

The book has sex, drugs, murder and corruption. There are corrupt public officials, highly paid prostitutes, street walking whores, and drug dealers. It takes you inside a murder trial which will leave you shocked and breathless.

In a conversation with his friend of many years, Baxter confided: " Baxter looked up, made another deep sigh, then, “Max, it is not easy wearing two hats. I have to balance my duties as Criminal Investigator against the ‘oath of the streets’. Yes, I could trump up charges and arrest them. Probably make them stick. But, even on the streets, we have a code of ethics. If I did that, then I’d lose my credibility as a respected mobster. There, I’ve said it out loud. I’m a mobster; a notorious ( blankety blank), low-down mobster.”

By the time the reader reaches the end of this story of Thaddeus Maurice Baxter and Grace Stubergs’ love affair, they will be surprised by the sea of emotions it has evoked. Their declarations of love for one another will bring tears of sweetness and wistfulness to the reader. 

They will love SWEET DADDY RED, despite his lifestyle and respect the fact that he is a mobster with integrity. The will admire the fact that he protects his street ladies’ honor.

This book is language strong and Etha Emm Publishing posted a warning on its cover. It features real street language for authenticity. It is not for the squeamish. We know that you will enjoy and relish this release. It is the stuff that good movies are made of. We hope to be that lucky.

EDUCATION:  Degree - Business Administration, Certificated Paralegal - Houston, TX; 1988 Consumnes River College, Sacramento; Filmmaking and Studio Directing; 1985-1986 Filmmaking - QUOTE, UNQUOTE; Albuq., N.M.; 1990 Filmmaking - ROP CENTER Monterey, CA.

BACKGROUND: Administrative Assistant; Program Admin;
Gen. Man.; Newspaper publisher / Reporter; Radio News and Disc Jockey; Television Talk Show host and News Anchor .

LITERARY ACCOMPLISHMENTS - PLAYS: My Son, The Buffalo Soldier;  Keeper Of The Supreme Decree; I Dreamed A Dream; If You Love Me; Those Magnificent Ladies; Compassionate Love; Act of Desperation; House Built Upon Sand; Emotionally Yours;  The Trial of Jesus;
Odyssey of Courage. MUSICAL: Club Renaissance; 
RADIO SOAP: Warrior In Exile; 
BOOKS: In Celebration of...’ ; Sakmhaiel: A Soul of The Heavens; Journey Into Freedom; Odyssey of Courage; 
Sweet Daddy Red; Surviving The Storm; Warrior In Exile 
POETRY BOOK: The Garden Of My Soul 

PERSONAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS, RECOGNITION and AWARDS: 2011 - Rewrote, re-edited and republished Sweet Daddy Red; 2010 - Produced speacial programs for African American Museum in Bryan, TX; 2009 - Produced Black History program and Juneteenth programs for African American Museum in Bryan, Texas; 2009 - Produced "If You Love Me" play at Neal Rec Center in Bryan, TX; 2006 – Produced Black History Month Play at Mexia Civic Center; If You Love Me – Rewrite of Lisa Jane in Mexia, Texas; 2004 – Produced Lisa Jane Play in Killeen, Texas; 1998 – Wrote Radio Soap Opera; 1995 - CLFP Arts Appreciation Award; 1994 - SEA-RINA Women's Award; 1993 - Monterey County Cultural Council's Distinguished Arts Benefactor's Award; 
1992 - Monterey County Cultural Council's Arts Benefactor's Award; 1991 - Monterey County Cultural Council's Arts Benefactor's Award; 1989 - Founded League Art Theater Company with Citizen’s League For Progress, Seaside, California; 1986 - Staged Supreme Decree Musical Drama, Albuquerque, New Mexico
1985 - Wrote first 2-Hour Stage Drama - KEEPER OF THE SUPREME DECREE -Based on Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; 1979-80 One of The Founding Members of Citizen’s League for Progress
1978 - Member-Governor's Albuquerque Finance Task Force; 1976 - Organized New Mexico’s Black Achievement Awards Conference; First Associate Member - Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce - G. Y. Fails, Pres.;
International Women's Year appointee; Federal Minority Business Committee Member; Omega Psi Phi Citizen of the Year; 1970 - First Black On-Air TV News Reporter - Albuquerque, NM; First Black TV Talk Show Host - Albuquerque, NM.
E-mail address:   sweetdaddyred@ethaemm.com        
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